EquiGenetic Relevations

About me

We all have a passion for something. This is mine! I started delving into the color genetics of horses at the age of nine. I was immensely fascinated by Cremellos, and when I found an article in a horse magazine explaining the cream gene, I was captivated and learned quickly.

I quickly understood what semi-dominant means, so it wasn’t hard for me to learn about other color inheritances as well. In 2013, I came across something that would change my life completely. It was the Splashed White gene. Since Splashed White is known for blue eyes, I quickly took a liking to it and began researching. I had always wished for a purebred Arabian with blue eyes, but they only existed as partbred Arabians. Or did they?

Then I found the purebred Arabian stallion Moonlight Money Maker and was simply blown away. They did exist, purebred Arabian pintos with blue eyes! Unfortunately, there were very few of them, but I still desperately wanted one, even though I quickly realized that most blue-eyed purebred Arabians lived in America. Nevertheless, I tried my luck and went on ehorses… and I found her…

Her… Tamina… (see picture), whom her breeder actually entrusted to me and who remains my treasure to this day. Through her, many other genetically very interesting horses followed, and since I often had to hear that Tamina’s blue eye was just a freak of nature, I decided to raise more awareness and write a blog.